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Motion Pictures

There have been three Pokémon motion pictures, and they were extremely popular in Japan. Two of them are coming to the United States, courtesy of Warner Brothers.

Pikachu's Summer Vacation:

Pikachu's Summer Vacation is about Pikachu and all of Ash and co.'s Pokémon going to a park only for Pokémon. Once there, they run into another group of Pokémon, and they compete to see which group is better. At the end of the day, the groups see all of the damage they have caused, and rebuild the park. Then Ash and his friends' Pokémon leave and return to their trainers.

Mewtwo Strikes Back

In Mewtwo Strikes Back, Ash and other Pokémon trainers are summoned to an island my a mysterious host. When they arrive there, they discover that their host is Mewtwo, a genetically engineered Pokémon created at Cinnibar Island. Ash and the other trainers try to attack him when he starts stealing their Pokémon, but fail miserably. As it turns out, Mewtwo clones their Pokémon and sics them on the originals. Meanwhile, Mew, the rarest Pokémon alive, challenges Mewtwo. During this battle, Ash runs to them to get them to stop, but gets blasted by Mewtwo. Pikachu shocks Ash to revive him, but nothing happens. He tries again and again until he can't anymore. Ash still doesn't stir. Ash has died. But as all of the Pokémon weep, their tears seep into the ground and magically revive Ash. Mewtwo learns that life is precious, and calls back the clones. Thus, the battle is over. Ash and all the other trainers find themselves on the beach, and no one remembers what happened.

Revelation: Lugia:

-Courtesy of the Seafoam Islands
There is another Pokémon movie called Revelation: Lugia (as called in Japan). This is the third of three Japanese Pokémon movies produced. Lugia is a new Pokémon that is discovered in the movie. Don't we really want to see these movies? Mewtwo Strikes Back is scheduled to come out this summer, but what about Pikachu's Summer Vacation and Revelation: Lugia? Well Pikachu's Summer Vacation may be released the same time as Mewtwo Strikes Back, and we can only hope to see Revelation: Lugia around 2000.