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TV Show

After the immense success of the Pokémon Game Boy game in Japan, a TV show was started to document the adventures of Ash, Misty (gym leader of Cerulean City), Brock (gym leader of Pewter City), and Pikachu. The show became wildly successful in Japan, and was recently brought over here to the United States. After the Pokémon phenomenon swept across the United States, fans were craving for more. Then Take 4 released a translated version of the TV show to the American audience. It was readily accepted, and became the number one show on sydnication. Recently, Warner Brothers bought the rights to the show, and it is now being aired on the WB. New episodes will be aired each week on Saturday at 10AM (CST), or if you have WGN, on Sunday at the same time. I currently do not have an episode guide, but I am considering adding one in the future. In the meantime, go to the Universal Pokémon Network for all of the episode guides as well as the character descriptions. Thanks.